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We were very surprised to see that Max Armstrong has posted a video at https://www.facebook.com/maxarmstrong.farmalltractors/
to show everyone what the inside of this comprehensive book looks like!

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"Corn Pickers, And the Inventors Who Dreamed Them Up"

Iron Deer Publications

Bob Johnson - "CornPickerBob"

You've seen him at shows

  • Collects all makes of pickers
  • Has been collecting corn picker literature for several years
  • Loves to talk about pickers and farming in general

Phyllis Johnson - "The Plow Lady"

She's there with Bob, too

  • Graphic Artist with 10 years newspaper writing and page-layout experience
  • Collects all makes of horse-drawn walking plows, with an extensive collection
  • Loves to research genealogy and agricultural history