"Corn Pickers, And the Inventors Who Dreamed Them Up"

Copyright 2017. Robert A. Johnson. All rights reserved.

804 pages, including foreword, preface &

index pages, with more than 1,500 photos.

Manufacturers of corn pickers covered in the book include:

Overby, Steiner, Port Huron, Taylor, Baird, Goodhue, Appleton, Independent Harvester Company,

Deering, McCormick and International Harvester Company,

Advance-Rumely, Allis-Chalmers, Nichols & Shepard, Hart-Parr, Oliver,

New Idea, John Deere, Belle City, Continental Cultor Company, Harry Ferguson,

Kuhlman (as "Farmaid Corn Picker" "Farm-Aide" and "Farm Aid", as well as Soilfitter and "Soilfitter-Kuhlman corn picker" with information on "Soilsurgeon" implements), George B. Miller & Son Co., William Galloway as "Wm. Galloway Co." and "William Galloway & Sons Co.", "Corn Belt Corn Picker", "Black Hawk Corn Picker" from Ohio Cultivator Co. and

Co-Op from "National Farm Machinery Company" and Cockshutt,

"Sears, Roebuck & Co." and the "David Bradley Corn Picker", Farm-Rite, L.H. Schultz, "Jeep Corn Picker",

J.I. Case, the Rosenthal corn picker and the Rosenthal Cornbine,

Wood Brothers (also known as Woods Bros.) corn picker, Ford and Ferguson,

Minneapolis-Moline, (with more mention of Oliver and Cockshutt and White corn pickers), Massey-Harris,

"Great American Corn Picker", the "Iowa Corn Picker" from Associated Mfg.,

the "Sargent Corn Picker" from McGrath and FMC (Food Machinery Corporation), Steel-Craft corn picker,

Calhoun and UFT (also known as United Farm Tools) corn picker, Vermeer and the "Wyde Tred Corn Picker".

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